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How Ads posted on the website?

After your application is approved as an AdSense Publisher by Google employeesYou need to select the type and form of ad you want to use and generate the AdSense code. This code is to be included on your website in the space to be ad space on your website.

Google AdSense login page

AdSense advertisement will be available after 10 minutes the AdSense code inserted into your website. When is your site's visitors clicks on that, it means that you start making money from Google AdSense.

Make money with Google AdSense

When visitors click on Google Ads placed on your site, you earn the money. More clicks on your ad, the more money you earn through Google AdSense.

Google AdSense ads are provided to easily read and assimilated on your websiteThis form of advertising based on text and images as if part of your website designThis ad does not interfere with the concentration of visitors or sink what you want to convey on your website. I am sure you have clicked the link and had click on AdSense ads by accident. The owner of The website also received money from the clicks you do.

Do not worried to click on AdSense ads when you are interested in deals with the ads Perhaps what is offered by the advertiser can help solve your problem. Sales revenue of advertiser's product encourage other advertisers to make Google as one of the branches of their advertisingThis provides an higher  opportunity for you to earn through Google AdSense because their are huge number of ads.

Normally Google will pay between USD0.01 to USD50.00 per-clicking the resultingThis value depends on the keywords of your site and advertisers bid value. The higher the value of bids keyword , the more likely you will get through every clickGoogle AdSense players call this keyword as a High Paying keyword.

The estimated value of keyword bidding "Generate Money"

CPC stands for cost per click or the estimated value of the bids for each keyword associated with the "Generate Money" is one of the high bid by the advertiser's bid.The height of the bid depends on the particular industry. Among the industries that have high search rate and a high bid is the banking, finance, health, internet and more. Advertisers are willing to bid for keywords at a high rate because returns obtained is also high.

Google AdSense and How It Works

The following is the process that you have to go through to make money from Google AdSense

Chart the process of making money with Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a win-win program between the owners website and the Google. Although Google concealing the actual percentage distribution of income, but the people make lucrative money through the web.

There is speculation on the Internet that Google provides at least 51% of the bid-price to the Google AdSeanse advertisersQuestions answered in May 2010, Google announced that they provide an income of 68% of charges to advertisers. This is good enough for you to try it for yourself.

The form of Google Ads

I am sure you have seen google ads everywhere. This is because many website owners participating in the program as one part of their income on the Internet.

Examples of Google AdSense ads

Web site owners need to choose the form and nature of  Google AdSense ads to be placed on their website or their blog. These advertisements may include text-based ads or animated images. There are three parties involved in the Google AdSense program;

Publisher is a title given to owners of websites that participate in Google AdSense. They put the ads code on their website and google inserting ads based on content contained in the website. This technology makes the Google AdSense program is unique because ad is determined automatically based on the content of publisher's website. Google sent a Googlebot to visit the publisher website  and determine only relevant ads going out in the ad space.

Advertiser on Google AdSense program comes from Pay Per Click advertising program that is Google AdWords. Advertisers choose keywords and bidding in accordance with their advertising budget. For example, advertisers who sell laptops, bidding for the keyword "laptop" on a certain value. When there are visitors clicking on their ads, advertisers will be charged based on the bid price. Charges will be shared between the publisher and Google.

For example, Advertisers bid for keyword "laptop" in the value of USD1.00, then the advertisement is out in your blog. When visitors in your blog attracted to the ad and click on ads and visit the advertiser's website, advertisers will be charged the maximum charge USD1.00 for each click generated.

Google Inc. is the world's largest search engine now. They produce up to USD33 billion in the third quarter of 2010. These values ​​far exceed their income in 2009 amounted to USD24 billion. Most of their income is through advertising program.


In recent years the cost of living is rising day by day. Many of us still looking ways to increase their incomes. Internet  is very popular among the options. but many are still don't know by simply writing a blog, they can generate lucrative income.

Google AdSense is a popular advertising agency that can generate income through blogs. In fact, this program is one of the  products from the  world famous company and the company is Google.

You are guaranteed to receive payment in the event meets all the conditions set by Google. This service offering income opportunities of the advertising revenue that Google acquired through Google AdWords advertising program. This opportunity is open to anyone in the world whether individuals or companies.

Google AdWords is a Pay Per Click advertising method is most effective and popular on the Internet. This service is used by thousands of companies and individuals from around the world to market their products around the world to their target groups.

Google AdWords and Google AdSense

Both programs can really help business growth in the Internet and provide an opportunity for anyone to earn through Internet without selling any product.

Both programs are the backbone to the popularity and Google success today. Google main income is through advertising. Although most of the service they offer are free, but they insert ads on all of the service. That's the way they operate over the years.

AdSense ads on the website

You may find these AdSense ads on any of the websites you visit. Google AdSense Ads is known definitely when you come across ads that have the word "Ads by Google" so this is means the owners of the website, get  revenue from Ads.

In my blog, you will be shown how to easily make money through Google AdSense which is a basic guide for those wanting to start earning income on the Internet. So i wish to everyone happy reading and applying what you learn from my blog.