Saturday, 30 July 2011

How Google will pay you

Google has a good reputation amongst publishers because Google pay on time every monthNormally payment will be made between 23rd to 25th, every month. Payment is done only after your account reaches  income  at least USD 100. If your account has not reached the amount, the balance will be brought to the next month.

Now, Google dominate every fields of internet, especially in search engine technologyGoogle is a giant corporations of information technology that is hard be challenged by any other company even Bing (formerly MSN) had to joined forces with Yahoo! to compete  with Google search engine. Google also has resolved  the domination of Microsoft's,  through the development of Google Chrome.

There are two methods of payment offered to the Publisherit is through checks and through Western Union. When the amount in your account reaches USD50, Google will send you a postcard that contains a confirmation code. This code seeks to ensure that your address is correct. Payment will not be managed if you have not received the code even if your account has reached the total USD 100.

When you select a check, usually takes a week to arrive at your residential in America, if you live in anywhere in the world it takes between 8 to 14 days to reach your home. Then you can insert a check in any commercial bank in your country. You need to go to the counter for this business. Do not put it in a ATM Fast Cheque, because you will be charged differently. To any country around the world the time used to convert the check was 30 days. The validity of this check  is 3 months or 90 days.

2.Western Union
What if you choose the Western Union method, you only need one day to demand your money into cashSo you will receive your money quickly. With Western Union, you can claim it at any commercial bank in the world with Western Union logo on their premises. Get  the staff help you to fill in the claim form to claim your money.

Between the two options, I suggest that you choose Western Union as the method because it is faster and easierYou do not have to wait long for enjoying the fruits of your efforts in Google AdSenseThis will increase your motivation to continue to work.

Comparison between The Checks and Western Union

The language used

The language should you use when writing a blogThere are a number of languages ​​supported by Google AdSense program, eg: Italian language, mandarin, indonesia, latin and many more.

If you use other languages ​​that are not supported by the AdSense program, even though you can insert Adsense code, but sometimes ads will not bubble up by Google for an unsupported languageDo not ever apply for a Google AdSense account with a blog with an unsupported languageGoogle employees will not understand, and your application will be rejected.
The language used

Friday, 29 July 2011

Getting Started with Google AdSense

I will show how to easily start with the Google AdSense program through blogs. Blog is a website for the concept of online journals. Blog allows owners to add their site content easily.

Among the advantages of blogs is allows you to interact with your blog readersReaders or blog visitors can respond and comment on all article you write througha blogBlogs are also preferred by most search engines because it promises new and original content for the search results.Make sure that the contents of your blog containing information and not simply contains your personal story.

Many websites covering the deducted for google adsense program due to lack of good content, or original, or just copy and paste information from other sites. Google only approved websites that have unique content and not the same as other websites. If you want to copy content from other sites and insert into your blog, please enter the reference or give credit to the original author.
I recommend that you write your own blog site content so that it can train you to write. I myself write with the help of Google Translate to avoid errors. You can write anything, but I recommend that you write about a topic or niche. For example, you want to write about finance, you must write the financial articke consistently on your blog to ensure that only the financial AdSense Ads posted on your site.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

How Ads posted on the website?

After your application is approved as an AdSense Publisher by Google employeesYou need to select the type and form of ad you want to use and generate the AdSense code. This code is to be included on your website in the space to be ad space on your website.

Google AdSense login page

AdSense advertisement will be available after 10 minutes the AdSense code inserted into your website. When is your site's visitors clicks on that, it means that you start making money from Google AdSense.