Saturday, 6 August 2011

Adding Gadgets to your Blog

To add Gadgets to your Blog or additional functions on the blog, you can go to Blogger Dashboard and click on Design.

To add a Gadgets click [Add a Gadget] to select and enter the new gadgets on your blog. To remove the gadgets you do not need is click on the [Edit] and click [Remove].

You can choose the gadgets needed more than 20 gadgets provided by the blogger. You need to click on the [+] to include the gadget on your blog. You can explore all these tools later and choose your gadgets with a specific function to fit your blog.

There are more than 1000 interesting gadgets you can useYou can click on Basic, FeaturedMost Popular and More Gadgets for a gadget to your blogThe device increases from time to time because let users develop their own gadgets.

Register at the

1. Browse then enter the Gmail e-mail and password in the space on the right page.

2. Then, fill in the spaces [Display Name] and tick the [Email Notifications] and [Acceptance of Terms]. Then, click [Continue].

3. When you click [Create Your Blog Now] enter blog information like screenshot below. Enter [Blog Title] and [blog address] then click on [Check Availability] to check whether the blog URL is already in use or not. If it is used, you need to enter another URL suggestions for your blog.

4. The next step is to choose a template for your blog. you can choose the template you like. There are eight options provided by template. You only need to click on the image template and click [Continue]. You can also change this template to the template that is not provided by such as free templates for web development.

5. You are able to register your blog. Next start writing the first article on your blogger to change your blog settings.

6. You may write the first entry by clicking on the [Start Bloging]. After that, Click [Start] to publish the entry to the publicAutomatically, such entries can be viewed and read by the public.

7. After the entries that you create is displayed, you can see the overall appearance of your blog by clicking on the [View Post]

Now, you have produced the first blog. in this example, the URL of this blog is and visible and accessible to the public on the internet.