Thursday, 28 July 2011

The form of Google Ads

I am sure you have seen google ads everywhere. This is because many website owners participating in the program as one part of their income on the Internet.

Examples of Google AdSense ads

Web site owners need to choose the form and nature of  Google AdSense ads to be placed on their website or their blog. These advertisements may include text-based ads or animated images. There are three parties involved in the Google AdSense program;

Publisher is a title given to owners of websites that participate in Google AdSense. They put the ads code on their website and google inserting ads based on content contained in the website. This technology makes the Google AdSense program is unique because ad is determined automatically based on the content of publisher's website. Google sent a Googlebot to visit the publisher website  and determine only relevant ads going out in the ad space.

Advertiser on Google AdSense program comes from Pay Per Click advertising program that is Google AdWords. Advertisers choose keywords and bidding in accordance with their advertising budget. For example, advertisers who sell laptops, bidding for the keyword "laptop" on a certain value. When there are visitors clicking on their ads, advertisers will be charged based on the bid price. Charges will be shared between the publisher and Google.

For example, Advertisers bid for keyword "laptop" in the value of USD1.00, then the advertisement is out in your blog. When visitors in your blog attracted to the ad and click on ads and visit the advertiser's website, advertisers will be charged the maximum charge USD1.00 for each click generated.

Google Inc. is the world's largest search engine now. They produce up to USD33 billion in the third quarter of 2010. These values ​​far exceed their income in 2009 amounted to USD24 billion. Most of their income is through advertising program.

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