Thursday, 11 August 2011

Sign up through Third-party website

Google allows certain web sites using Google AdSense API as a way of sharing their revenue through the website. API means Application Programming Interface. Google allows these sites to develop their applications using Google AdSense interfaceThis allows the account registration through their website. Some popular Third-Party Web sites that offer this service are:

Indyarocks is a Social Networking Sites from India you can use this site to register a Google AdSense account because their practice revenue sharing of the content that you enter and share in indyarocks.


Docstoc is a file sharing website. You can upload your files, or Documents. They will insert Google AdSense ads on your document. When people look at your document and click on AdSense ads, you will receive income from it. Docstoc also be used to register a Google AdSense account.

Flixya is a video sharing web site. You can upload your vedio to earn through Google AdSense ads. The more popular your video is the more income you get.Make sure the video is yours.

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