Monday, 8 August 2011

Google Alearts

1. Google  Alerts
Google Alearts is one of the best ways to track the progress on the topic you are writing on your blog. Google will send an e-mail notification about the article and the development of the keywords you use. you need to login to your gmail account first to facilitate you later.

Then, enter your keywords and click [Create Alert]. Google will send notifications to your e-mail depending on the settings you make. When you select one day,Google will send alerts via email every day to you.

Create Aleart

Example Google Alert "AdSense"

You can receive the latest news from blogs and other websites that write about the same thing as what you writeHere you can find the key points and write it back on your blogDo not forget to give credit to your referral sources.

Do not copy from the website of others because it is unlawful and not liked by the Search engine. Our goal is to earn income for a long lastSo make sure your entry is made as best as possible.

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