Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Generate Ideas for blog

Generate ideas for writing a blog is difficult for novices in this field. So I suggested you use the right niche, to find a valuable niche you can use of this application;
1. You Tube
2. Google Keyword Tool
3. Google Trends

YouTube is the most popular video sharing site on the internet and the third most visited web site in the world after Google and Facebook. You can actually find The idea of ​​using YouTube videosYou only need to visit the 'most popular' and identify the video with the highest view in a short time.when the video is viewed by many in a short time, which means the video can be an  interesting topic to your blog.

2.Google Keyword Tool
This program was developed by Google for freeMost internet entrepreneurs use this program to find new ideas based on requests from users of the internet with keyword tool,  Google shows search estimates for each keyword related to what you are looking for.

For example, you can create blogs on "online games". Google will list the recommendations of other keywords that may be related to what you're looking for  with the number of search around the world, locally and abroad with estimates of advertisers willing to pay for using those keywords.

Using this tool can also help you find high-value keywords that can be used to find the idea of ​​a post that can you write in your blog or search through a request made ​​by Internet users.

From the keyword "Online Game" you can draw other topics that you can take advantage of in the writing such as Online Multiplayer Games, RPG Online Games, Free online games and many more. The estimated bid price is also lucrative for every click.

Google Keyword Tool was originally only meant for Google AdWords advertisers. However, Google provides a free version of the Keyword Tool is for use by the public.

3.Google Trends
Google Trends is one of the programs used to know keyword search trendsEven using this program, we can to know the country and the area of the most searching information about the keyword.  Google also lists the most searched keywords in every day through the Hot Topics and Hot Searches in the United States.You can take advantage of this program to find ideas to develop your blog, andthe tool free of charge.

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